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Seafood Guide Photo Quiz

Here are all of the Photo based questions from the 2009 version of the Seafood Guide. Pass mark is 50%. Have a go. You can use the Seafood Guide section on the Seafood Academy website to help you find the answers.

This test consists of 10 Questions

Question 1 #Guide Photos 034 (Worth 1 point)

What fish is this?

Question 2 #Guide Photos 017 (Worth 1 point)

What species is this?

Question 3 #Guide Photos 003 (Worth 1 point)

These are mostly what?

Question 4 #image 0358 (Worth 1 point)

Dressed crab is a high care or high risk food product. Why is this?

Question 5 #Guide Photos 002 (Worth 1 point)

What species is this?

Question 6 #Guide Photos 028 (Worth 1 point)

Where does the conger eel breed?

Question 7 #Guide Photos 004 (Worth 1 point)

What are these?

Question 8 #Guide Photos 036 (Worth 1 point)

Snappers sold in the UK are likely to weigh up to?

Question 9 #Guide Photos 041 (Worth 1 point)

This fish has many common names, but only two are legal in the UK

Question 10 #Guide Photos 007 (Worth 1 point)

This picture contains an Atlantic Salmon, and what other kind of fish?