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demonstration extended answer online test

This is a sample extended answer test intended to be marked by a subject expert. Trainee types in their answers and submit their responses to an approved marker via an emailed PDF. To find out more about this and other online testing resources please complete the test and send your completed paper to Please use the online testing system to send your response and not your own email.

This test consists of 2 Questions

Question 1 #UH-EAQ-MEPA-009 (Worth 10 points)

Fish have some characteristics that are different from other vertebrates. Name five (2 marks each).

Question 2 #UH-EAQ-MEPA-007 (Worth 10 points)

Cod, brown crab and scallops are examples of three types of seafood. Cod is a fish, crabs are crustaceans, what are scallops? (4pts) List two examples of a crustacean, and two examples of a cephalopo