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Public Fishmonger Test. 30 questions, pass mark is 60%

This test consists of 30 questions on fishmongering. The pass mark is 60%. It does not lead to any form of qualification or recognition.

This test consists of 30 Questions

Question 1 #MFS-June18-083 (Worth 1 point)

Crab from the South-west of England is at its best quality in which months?

Question 2 #MFS-June18-177 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the following sentence. Thawing seafood should ideally be done...

Question 3 #Guide Photos 036 (Worth 1 point)

Snappers sold in the UK are likely to weigh up to?

Question 4 #MFS-June18-051 (Worth 1 point)

The following Latin name 'Scomber scrombus' refers to which pelagic species?

Question 5 #MFS-June18-124 (Worth 1 point)

When a white fish is in rigour mortis it is likely to be...

Question 6 #MFS-June18-018 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following statements describes a hatchery?

Question 7 #MFS-June18-109 (Worth 1 point)

Chilled fish and cooked shellfish should ideally be stored at temperatures of:

Question 8 #MFS-June18-191 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence with the correct answer. If a product is frozen quickly, well packaged, stored carefully then thawed slowly under temperature control, it will?

Question 9 #MFS-June18-245 (Worth 1 point)

Fish businesses, if challenged by enforcement officers, are required to know and have records to prove the following:

Question 10 #MFS-June18-180 (Worth 1 point)

When intaking shellfish, which of the following is not a labelling requirement?

Question 11 #MFS-June18-187 (Worth 1 point)

Quality Index Measure (QIM) is a quality assessment system which can be used for... (select one)

Question 12 #MFS-June18-150 (Worth 1 point)

An escalopes fillet is a suitable cut for which of the following species?

Question 13 #MFS-June18-105 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence. When storing chilled fish in a refrigerator, the fish should be?

Question 14 #MFS-June18-079 (Worth 1 point)

Which factor is not a direct impact of poor handling?

Question 15 #MFS-June18-127 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence. Autolysis refers to:

Question 16 #MFS-June18-133 (Worth 1 point)

Autolysis results in: (select one)

Question 17 #MFS-June18-123 (Worth 1 point)

Which one of the following indicators would not tell you that a swimming crab is losing its quality? Select one answer.

Question 18 #MFS-June18-135 (Worth 1 point)

Gut burst is likely to occur in which two species:

Question 19 #MFS-June18-057 (Worth 1 point)

Chat, Kit, Gibber and Jumber are all grade sizes of which species of fish?

Question 20 #MFS-June18-172 (Worth 1 point)

A typical portion (as a starter) of oysters should equal roughly?

Question 21 #MFS-June18-020 (Worth 1 point)

Pens and cages are a type of aquaculture used for finfish. Which of the following species is it not used for?

Question 22 #Guide Photos 035 (Worth 1 point)

Which of these is the Pink Bream?

Question 23 #MFS-June18-071 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following is not a term used to identify the shape of a fish?

Question 24 #MFS-June18-106 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence. If using ice to store chilled fish...

Question 25 #MFS-June18-122 (Worth 1 point)

When purchasing seafood, which of the following is not a legal labelling requirement?

Question 26 #MFS-June18-082 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence. Super freezing seafood is? (select one)

Question 27 #MFS-June18-096 (Worth 1 point)

When storing seafood in a fridge, what is the correct order from top to bottom?

Question 28 #MFS-June18-232 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following would be the most suitable alternative to bream in terms of a similar taste and texture?

Question 29 #MFS-June18-226 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following is not a bivalve mollusc?

Question 30 #MFS-June18-031 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence. Purse seine is a fishing method using...