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Test for incompany training records - 50% pass mark, 20 questions

This is a simpler test for in company training records only. The pass mark is 50% and there are only 20 questions.

If you want to sit the REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene exam then you will need to do the harder exam entry test first.

Please select the response that you think best answers the question. There is only one correct answer.

This test consists of 20 Questions

Question 1 #FHC-33 (Worth 1 point)

What is the best way to clean effectively ? (27)

Question 2 #FHC-25 (Worth 1 point)

Why is hygienic clothing worn by food handlers ? (18)

Question 3 #FHC-21 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following will NOT help to keep food safe ? (14)

Question 4 #FHC-26 (Worth 1 point)

Why is it NOT ok to wear your work clothes outside ? (19)

Question 5 #FHC-7 (Worth 1 point)

Under the food hygiene laws it is illegal to (65)

Question 6 #FHC-49 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the of the following is considered a high care or high risk food ? (44)

Question 7 #FHC-31 (Worth 1 point)

If you have a stomach upset / bowel disorder or skin problem what does the law say you must do? (25)

Question 8 #FHC-1 (Worth 1 point)

What are common symptoms of food poisoning ? (1)

Question 9 #FHC-12 (Worth 1 point)

Which of these temperatures is in the Danger Zone ? (4)

Question 10 #FHC-60 (Worth 1 point)

What is the purpose of a sanitiser ? (57)

Question 11 #FHC-17 (Worth 1 point)

What is the best practical way of keeping uncooked food safe and of high quality ? (9)

Question 12 #FHC-5 (Worth 1 point)

Poor hygiene practices can result in what ? (45)

Question 13 #FHC-43 (Worth 1 point)

What should be the highest temperature of a frozen fish store ? (38)

Question 14 #FHC-13 (Worth 1 point)

What happens to food poisoning and spoilage bacteria below 5 °C ? (5)

Question 15 #FHC-58 (Worth 1 point)

What is the risk to food safety caused by cracked and damaged food-contact surfaces ? (54)

Question 16 #FHC-41 (Worth 1 point)

Where are food poisining bacteria most commonly found ? (36)

Question 17 #FHC-50 (Worth 1 point)

What is the most important feature of food handler clothing ? (46)

Question 18 #FHC-9 (Worth 1 point)

In a well-run seafood processing factory where would you most likely find food spoilage bacteria ? (67)

Question 19 #FHC-36 (Worth 1 point)

What would you use to kill bacteria ? (30)

Question 20 #FHC-54 (Worth 1 point)

Factory workers who wear jewellery when handling food can cause what kind of contamination (50)