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Employer Showcase 26 Sept. 2019 Fun Quiz

A simple and fun photo quiz with 10 questions to answer. The pass mark is 50%. Score above 75% to claim a free DVD. Just bring your results page to the Seafish stand. These are the same level of questions that Fishmonger apprentices have to answer. But they have to answer 120 questions and the pass mark is 60%.

This test consists of 10 Questions

Question 1 #FHC-12 (Worth 1 point)

Which of these temperatures is in the Danger Zone ?

Question 2 #FHC-26 (Worth 1 point)

Why is it NOT ok to wear your work clothes outside ?

Question 3 #Video 0356 (Worth 2 points)

When dressing for food handling duties, what do you put on after your hairnet and hat? You can watch this video for a clue.

Question 4 #image 0357 (Worth 1 point)

This is a photo of a whole frozen tuna that has been ice glazed. Why is glazing like this used?

Question 5 #image 0358 (Worth 1 point)

Dressed crab is a high care or high risk food product. Why is this?

Question 6 #EHSC H 25 (Worth 1 point)

Safety hats or helmets are needed on jobs where head injuries are possible from

Question 7 #EHSC I 24 (Worth 1 point)

Fire exit doors must always be

Question 8 #MFS-June18-008 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following statements is not true?

Question 9 #MFS-June18-009 (Worth 1 point)

Complete the sentence. Maximum Sustainable Yield could be described as? (select one)

Question 10 #MFS-June18-212 (Worth 1 point)

When perfectly cooked, delicate white fish fillets should: