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Health and Safety Test for Incompany Records - 20 questions 50% pass mark

This is a simpler test for in company training records only. The pass mark is 50% and there are only 20 questions.

If you want to sit the REHIS Elementary H&S exam then you will need to do the harder exam entry test first.

Please select the response that you think best answers the question. There is only one correct answer.

This test consists of 20 Questions

Question 1 #HSJune18_05 (Worth 1 point)

By law, when should risk assessments be reviewed? (618)

Question 2 #EHSC H 17 (Worth 1 point)

Tinnitus may be defined as (658)

Question 3 #HSJune18_20 (Worth 1 point)

Poorly maintained electrical equipment can lead to (633)

Question 4 #EHSCH HI 14 (Worth 1 point)

The main requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations are (673)

Question 5 #EHSC I 16 (Worth 1 point)

How often should tools and equipment be checked for damage (667)

Question 6 #EHSC I 28 (Worth 1 point)

The most appropriate definition of the term 'risk' is (666)

Question 7 #EHSC I 21 (Worth 1 point)

Fixed machinery guards should be (668)

Question 8 #HSJune18_25 (Worth 1 point)

What is the main purpose of first aid? (638)

Question 9 #EHSC I 4 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following are common causes of accidents in fish shops and factories (671)

Question 10 #HSJune18_29 (Worth 1 point)

What should you do before using any hazardous substance for the first time? (642)

Question 11 #HSH15 (Worth 1 point)

A yellow triangle means (654)

Question 12 #HSJune18_05 (Worth 1 point)

By law, when should risk assessments be reviewed? (618)

Question 13 #HSJune18_09 (Worth 1 point)

A safety sign that is rectangular with a green background and a white symbol or text (622)

Question 14 #EHSC H 25 (Worth 1 point)

Safety hats or helmets are needed on jobs where head injuries are possible from (646)

Question 15 #EHSC H 8 (Worth 1 point)

The main hazards associated with the operation of display screen equipment (DSE) are (669)

Question 16 #EHSC I 3 (Worth 1 point)

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act etc, who does an employer have duties to protect (672)

Question 17 #HSH16 (Worth 1 point)

LITE Stands for (647)

Question 18 #ESH11 (Worth 1 point)

Keeping workplace roadways properly maintained and lit would be a good example of (644)

Question 19 #HSJune18_02 (Worth 1 point)

After receiving reports of a near miss in the workplace, what should a manager do? (615)

Question 20 #HSJune18_14 (Worth 1 point)

What is the purpose of a risk control hierarchy? (627)