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Smoking test for fun

A short test on fish and shellfish smoking for you to try out. There are 10 questions to answer and the pass mark is 50%

This test consists of 10 Questions

Question 1 #smoke30 (Worth 1 point)

What is the best way of controlling the risk of Scombrotoxin poisoning? (1473)

Question 2 #smoke21 (Worth 1 point)

The shelf life of most smoked seafood is....... (1464)

Question 3 #smoke20 (Worth 1 point)

Traditional smoked salmon can have a shelf life of up to 21 days. Why it is so long compared to smoked cod? (1463)

Question 4 #smoke42 (Worth 1 point)

Why should you wash your hands frequently and effectively? (1485)

Question 5 #smoke40 (Worth 1 point)

Why is the development of rancidity in fish lipids generally considered to be a quality issue and not of food safety issue? (1483)

Question 6 #smoke22 (Worth 1 point)

To produce an 80 degree brine using 500 litres of water, how much salt would you use? (1465)

Question 7 #smoke35 (Worth 1 point)

When hand salting seafood products it is usual to use a coarser grade of salt. Why is this? (1478)

Question 8 #smoke17 (Worth 1 point)

Scombrotoxin toxin in seafood products can be destroyed by (1460)

Question 9 #smoke37 (Worth 1 point)

Why are oil rich fish usually the ones that are hot smoked? (1480)

Question 10 #smoke5 (Worth 1 point)

Why is sawdust generally preferred to wood chippings in smoking kilns? (1452)