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EFH FISH & CHIPS - practice test

This test does NOT lead to a recognised qualification.

In the actual REHIS exam the first 15 questions are a little harder and are worth 2 points each.

Please select the response that you think best answers the question. There is only one correct answer, it's either A, B, C or D

The pass mark is 60%

This test consists of 30 Questions

Question 1 #FHC-58 (Worth 1 point)

What is the risk to food safety caused by cracked and damaged food-contact surfaces ? (54)

Question 2 #FHC-52 (Worth 1 point)

What should a food handler do if they have recently suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting? (48)

Question 3 #FHC-7 (Worth 1 point)

Under the food hygiene laws it is illegal to (65)

Question 4 #FHC-13 (Worth 1 point)

What happens to food poisoning and spoilage bacteria below 5 °C ? (5)

Question 5 #FHC-63 (Worth 1 point)

What is the main risk associated with undercooked food ? (60)

Question 6 #FHC-36 (Worth 1 point)

What would you use to kill bacteria ? (30)

Question 7 #FHC-30 (Worth 1 point)

Why are waterproof dressings used by food handlers BRIGHTLY coloured ? (24)

Question 8 #FHC-55 (Worth 1 point)

What equipment should you use to check temperatures in food production, retail or catering areas ? (51)

Question 9 #FHC-37 (Worth 1 point)

Why is it illegal to smoke in a food production or packing area ? (31)

Question 10 #FHC-35 (Worth 1 point)

Which one of the following statements is wrong ? (29)

Question 11 #FHC-62 (Worth 1 point)

When is traceability of raw materials most important ? (59)

Question 12 #FHC-29 (Worth 1 point)

Why should you not smoke in a food handling area ? (22)

Question 13 #FHC-21 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following will NOT help to keep food safe ? (14)

Question 14 #FHC-32 (Worth 1 point)

Why do you need to carry out frequent and effective cleaning ? (26)

Question 15 #FHC-44 (Worth 1 point)

If an enforcement officer found that food premises presented an imminent risk to health what would they have the power to do ? (39)

Question 16 #EFH1-Cooked-c-4 (Worth 2 points)

Which of the following is a high risk food (1868)

Question 17 #FHC-51 (Worth 1 point)

Which of these is the most important design feature of a food factory's internal waste container ? (47)

Question 18 #FHC-16 (Worth 1 point)

Which statement best describes spores ? (8)

Question 19 #FHC-50 (Worth 1 point)

What is the most important feature of food handler clothing ? (46)

Question 20 #FHC-1 (Worth 1 point)

What are common symptoms of food poisoning ? (1)

Question 21 #FHC-56 (Worth 1 point)

Which is the most important reason why you should keep a restaurant kitchen clean ? (52)

Question 22 #FHC-2 (Worth 1 point)

What can cause food poisoning ? (12)

Question 23 #FHC-19 (Worth 1 point)

Which of the following is an example of chemical contamination ? (11)

Question 24 #FHC-60 (Worth 1 point)

What is the purpose of a sanitiser ? (57)

Question 25 #FHC-33 (Worth 1 point)

What is the best way to clean effectively ? (27)

Question 26 #FHC-26 (Worth 1 point)

Why is it NOT ok to wear your work clothes outside ? (19)

Question 27 #FHC-15 (Worth 1 point)

To multiply, bacteria need warmth, food, water and which one of the following ? (7)

Question 28 #FHC-41 (Worth 1 point)

Where are food poisining bacteria most commonly found ? (36)

Question 29 #FHC-28 (Worth 1 point)

When is it MOST important to wash your hands ? (21)

Question 30 #FHC-14 (Worth 1 point)

What happens to most bacteria at 64 °C ? (6)